Seventy Days


That’s how long I’ve been on my weight loss journey.


Seventy days.


That’s how long it took before I realized how much my thoughts and actions have changed.  Thoughts and actions that I have been accustomed to for over forty years.


We have recently become a “camping family”.  Almost two years ago we purchased a camper.  I have always hated sleeping in a tent on the ground, so my husband thought that a camper might help change my mind about camping.  Funny thing is, it did!  Last summer I was looking for campgrounds and campsites where I could sit in the shade and relax for the weekend.  I became part of the camping elite.  And I enjoyed it!!


This year has started out very differently.  I realized not only was I looking for great places to relax, I was looking for places with awesome hiking trails!!  I’m not talking about strolling alone the lake or the river.  I’m talking about trails.  Long trails.  Yesterday I found a great trail nearby and was disappointed that it was only 1.5 miles long!  Crazy!! I know!!!  But it feels so good to be crazy like this and I don’t plan on changing this crazy any time soon!!
I was determined to change and found a weight loss plan that made all the difference.  I’m so happy that this lifestyle change has been so easy for me and I’m excited for what the future holds.


If you are interested in losing weight take a look at Nutrisystem.  It has done amazing things for me and it may do that for you.  I’ve lost 32 pounds in 10 weeks.  If you use my referral code, you can get $30 off your first order.



{I do not work for Nutrisystem and I am not being paid to promote their products}