Holy Cow!!

I’ve been on my weight loss journey for four weeks now and I cannot express how happy I am that I finally decided to do this.  Twenty-eight days into the program and I am down 20 pounds.  TWENTY POUNDS!!!  I cannot believe how easy it has been.  I’m not hungry.  I’m not miserable.  I’m not even craving the “bad” foods I had been living on the past few decades (no Dr Pepper?!?!).  I am so surprised how well this is working for me.

I haven’t shared exactly what I am using yet because I wasn’t sure how well (or badly) this would turn out.  Now I want to share with everyone!!

Nutrisystem is what I have been eating.  Prepackaged, proportioned food that is ready to heat and eat.  All I add is vegetables!  It’s almost too easy.  It is also teaching me what is good to eat and how much of it I should be eating.

I don’t want to sound like a commercial for Nutrisystem and I am not receiving any compensation for my experience or opinion (although I am open to an offer! *wink wink*) but if something is working for me, I don’t mind telling everyone!   Yes, it can be expensive but with a discount through my health insurance it is a more manageable price.  And considering I’m not buying fast food lunches and processed dinners I may actually be saving a little money!

If you are wanting to lose weight and become a healthier you, check out Nutrisystem.  Be sure to check with your health insurance provider for any discount offers they may have (BCBS does!) and check other companies for discounts (ebates, groupon, costco, QVC, etc).  You can also use my referral code (http://my.nutrisystem.com/x/vmQhGb) to save an extra $30 off your first order.

This will be a long journey (I have 110 pounds to lose), but with a start this successful, I am confident that I can achieve my goal.

Cheers to a great first month and hope for a wonderful second month!!



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