Things My Kid Says…..

The Husband took the kids out Christmas shopping last night. This is part of the conversation we had over breakfast this morning…

The Boy: We saw this stuff. Doesn’t Aunt K**** like that one thing?

The Girl: Doctor Who?

TB: Yeah Doctor Who! They had that thing. The TARDIS and when you pushed the button it talked.

Me: Wow. That’s neat.

TB: And they had that other thing. A … umm … a dildo?

Me: (horrified stare)

The Husband: (equally horrified stare)

TB: (noticing the looks on our faces) or maybe it was a droid or something.

Me: (looking at The Husband) I’ve got to quit letting him hang out with you!

The Boy: (still trying to get us to understand what he’s talking about) You know, that think that says, “eliminate!” Or something like that. They had that.

I just love having breakfast as a family.


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