Is it okay?

Is it okay that I bought ice cream when the kids weren’t with me?  It is okay that I hurried home and stashed it in the back of the freezer before they got home from school?  Is it okay that I waited for them to go to bed before I crept into the kitchen like a thief to try to sneak that sugary goodness?  Is it okay that I felt guilty when I was caught not once, but TWICE trying to get that drumstick out of the plastic bag and cardboard box?

Yes.  It is okay.  Not only is it okay, it is expected.  At least in this house where the kids think they should get all the good snacks and leave the parents with the boring snacks.

The kids?  They just don’t understand.  But someday in the future, when their kids are all tucked in bed, they will creep into the kitchen themselves and try to sneak their own sugary goodness.  Hopefully they will have learned from my mistakes and be more successful them me!



What Do You Think?

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